Breathing New Life into Tired Spaces

We all have them: those neglected corners in our houses. The places we pay very little attention to and usually end up using it for storage purposes. Not real storage, but the I-am-too-lazy-to-put-it-away type of storage. That nice chair we bought with the best intention or the nice bench from the Pottery Barn catalog we fell in love with…But now that beautiful piece just became a fancy hanger hidden in the corner of the room together with a bunch of other stuff that has nowhere to go and just sits there.

Yes, you know what I am talking about, that corner that you can’t stand looking at because it’s become an eyesore. That hodgepodge of pieces that don’t belong anywhere and are now stuck together in search of a home. I think some may even call it clutter… 

But as the old saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Well I say that your trash can be your own treasure; it all depends on your perspective.

A few days ago, I went to see a client who was about to give up on her bedroom. Over time, she had purchased some nice pieces, but couldn’t make it all work together. She had good furniture, some cute accessories and even a family heirloom piece passed down from her great-great-grandmother. But because she was overwhelmed, she piled it all together in the corner never to look at it again.

For me, it was a different story though. As soon as I walked into the room all I could see was potential! A bunch of great pieces begging to be looked at, begging to be loved again. And I couldn’t help myself! The beautiful accent chair that had been covered by clothes for so long came to life once we moved it to the other side of the room. A side table that had been buried behind the chair became home to cute accessories. Even great-great-grandma’s vase found its place and purpose once we collected a few twigs from the backyard and brought them in. Oh, and let’s not forget the wedding photo that had been lost in the garage for decades and now became a beautiful art piece adorning that same corner. Just a few tweaks here and there and the space was transformed!

What I see is that a lot of times you do not need some huge remodeling job and a whole new furniture set to change the mood of your space. With just a few touches and lots of creativity what once was a neglected area can become an integral part of a relaxing and cozy bedroom. Sometimes all you need is love, a new perspective and a dose of creativity to make it all work.

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