Michelle - Associate Designer


Meet Michelle!

Formerly a project manager at LK Design, Michelle has recently been promoted to associate designer. Known for her unique style blending traditional, modern, and a touch of farmhouse without going overboard, she’s a mother of four.
Beyond her design talents, Michelle is a hands-on individual, evidenced by her successful solo projects like building a fireplace and renovating half of her home. Outside of work, she enjoys running around with her family.

We're seeking two homes to elevate Michelle's portfolio with a special offer!

– A very reduced all-inclusive design fee for a single room refresh. Picture the finishing touches and subtle details that bring completeness to your space.
Here’s how it works:

  1. Initial Consult (2 hours): Michelle will visit your space, capture photos, take quick measurements, and get to know your style.
  2. Design Prep: Our LK design team works their magic, curating and purchasing the perfect accessories, pillows, and artwork. Did we mention that the accessories and finishes are included for this?
  3. Finishing Touches: Michelle returns to stage the room, capturing photos for online showcasing.
This entry-level service focuses on spaces you love, addressing missing pieces or awkward configurations.
No furniture is included, but expect a transformed space in just 4 weeks.


Complete the form below! We will be selecting 2 spaces after the new years to help Michelle build out her portfolio

Michelle's Portfolio