Story of family

The story of my dad.

( a little different from design)

I once had a dad and as much as he taught me it never included my skills with CAD.

In the earliest days I would watch from afar as he would be busy organizing all his office nooks with the oh so many books. He would go around singing Lindsay pinsey pudding and pie…. and during the work week always wore a tie.

To so many the fourth is a day of celebration and fun. But around this time my heart always feels like it weighs a huge ton! A heart attack at 49 took him away and left so many in pain. It’s been a long time, but around this day every year I remember what it was like to lose a dad.

But hey now, it’s not a reason to be sad.

The pain has lifted along the way and now when I think about all I have done…

I know that my dad would be super proud and glad!

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