I want to unstuck you

Yes, I know unstuck you doesn’t make sense, but did it grab your attention? Good! That was the intent! Well, part of it. The other part is to solve your design issues!  You don’t have one? Are you sure about that?

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What do Pinterest, HGTV, design books, blogs all have in common? Could it be that they tell us a story of what we want to believe? Somehow, if we can watch it in under 30 minutes we should be able to recreate it, right?  

And yet…If everything was so easy why are there so many Pinterest fail hashtags? Room re-dos? “Help! I messed up my DIY” Facebook support pages? 

Okay… What is the point???

I want to and CAN help you. It is possible. YOU CAN take furniture, pictures, accents, knick knacks & tchotchkes, & place them in one space and create a master piece without buying ANYTHING new. 

How so? A little background first. My roots are in dyslexia. Reading and spelling are hard. Life is full of complexity. Any lag in reading or writing makes it twice as hard to score a great GPA, or land an amazing job. However, not for me! I did it! College and successful career and it was not because of my amazing English dictation. It was because I learned to cope with dyslexia. Organizing, grouping and visualizing are a way of life for me.  

I call this “space/dimension ratio” and it’s how I problem solve! 

So how does this help you? Do you have an awkward space? A too large sofa? Crazy corner? Are you struggling to pull off a midcentury, eclectic, farmhouse & traditional feeling house? Whatever it is, I can help you. 

No, you do not need to buy new furniture or dedicate oodles of time. You do not need to paint, go out to 500 stores or send me dimensions.  

It doesn’t matter what your “style” is. It REALLY doesn’t, and why not? That is because I am looking at 3 things that have NOTHING to do with style, and yet together it will create STYLE. 

1) Function & purpose. Each piece should serve a function, Sometimes the purpose of an item is to “stop clutter” or “complete a room”. Do not overthink.

2) Organization. Does this piece I am adding in get in the way of function? If it does remove it! 

3) Commonality. Two sofas that look nice in a bedroom, but leave little room for a dresser does not add to a “common grouping” that makes sense.

Lindsay @LK DeSiGN 


Bonus Side note note 

Coming soon, what I am calling the “Few Hour Room Redo” is now going on the road and coming to you.  What do you have to lose? Message me here. In the subject write “Unstuck you” and I will add you to the NEW group that is being created just for you! 

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