Residential Project

Ellicott City Color Pop

Living room and dining room refresh.


A look at one of our latest projects, turning a traditional home into a haven of Maximalist and transitional elegance!  The dining and living rooms are now a perfect blend of styles, reflecting the unique taste of our long-term clients who have truly become like family. 


From classic to eclectic, we incorporated stunning transitional furniture pieces that seamlessly coexist with the existing elements, creating a visual feast for the eyes.  The space is a testament to the power of design evolution.


Pops of vibrant colors strategically placed throughout bring this living space to life, infusing energy and personality. Each hue tells a story, contributing to the overall narrative of this beautifully transformed home. 


Not only did the project result in a jaw-dropping space but so did the bond with our clients. They are not just clients; they are family.

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Private residence

Project Date

November 2023

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Transform Your Home with the Touch of an Interior Designer

By collaborating with a professional interior designer, you can achieve a harmonious balance between functionality and visual appeal. So, why settle for a mediocre space when you can unleash its true beauty through the hands of a skilled designer?

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